The Grove

The Grove is a place to view pictures  of trees in any media be it art or photo. To submit your own, go to the Contact window and attach your file. If your work is displayed in the Grove you will be notified. Your submission will be construed as permission to display, unless you ask us not to put it on the web, which we would honor, of course. And we can also link back if requested.We do hope you send us your snapshots because we really love to receive photos people have taken of the Treeman in action at your local fair or event! Videos are also welcome.

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Advice from The Tree of Life at Kentucky State Fair, 2014

More Images from the Mississippi State Fair – 2014

Some more images from the 2014 Georgia Nationals

Some local season warmup; Visiting friends and trees at home in Newbury Park on the 4th of July 2014

Some images from prior years

This is another MP4 video…if not viewable try another browser.

It’s the voice that really gets them. The Treeman has an amazing sense of humor. If you hung around with him all day, …your gut would ache from laughing when you went home. The stuff that comes off the top of his head will leave you in stitches. If you didn’t do it, open up some of the pictures in the gallery and take a good look at the crowd. They are all having a simply great time. At the end of the day, The Treeman still doesn’t want to leave his “friends”. He’s visiting until the very last rays of the sun set on the crowd.