About Us

AApropos Productions, the parent company of Walking Tree of Life, was founded by Michael Shaffer in 2007 with the purpose of creating the most realistic tree designs and performances possible. Since then Michael has Reni-5-332x205perfected the art of making bark, and anthropomorphic tree fabrication. Through an unfortunate incident, the original costume was lost and was rebuilt. The improved, updated costume was unveiled at the 2013 State Fair tour.

Michael brings over 25 years of professional entertainment experience to his work as the Tree of Life. He has traversed North America for 15 years; the last 8 as The Tree Man. From California to Delaware, Canada to Texas, at Festivals, State Fairs, Art Shows, and Expositions, Michael’s show is anticipated by young and old alike.

The Walking Tree of Life represents the beneficent perspective of trees, and through artistic performance focuses on the positive affirmation of man’s relationship with nature.

Apropos Productions offers the following services:img10

  • Performance
  • Latex Bark
  • Tree costume Fabrication
  • Design
  • Consultation